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My name is Lucy Cavendish and I'm an author and Witch. Or, an Author and witch... I love nature, the ocean, animals and people, in an ever changing and jumbled order, and I love exploring ancient places all over this amazing world, stargazing, developing new ways to do traditional Witchcraft, day-and-night dreaming, catching waves, finding very old trees to chat to and meeting lovely people and sharing cups of Lady Grey tea with good friends. I adore books, open fireplaces, the ocean, magick, kindness, laughter, beauty and creativity, and yes, my family and friends. I live in a few places at once, most of the time - mostly between the far, far, far south coast of NSW and far far northern NSW with a menagerie made up of my artist son who is changing the world, an environmental builder who I adore, red and black dogs, herb gardens, surfboards and way too many books and crystals and special thingies I've collected from all around the world. I practice magick, surf and write (nearly) every day.

Oracle of the Mermaids


Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle 

Blessed Be Cards

Oracle of the Hidden Worlds



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